Expect the Best!

Best Boats + Best People + Best Service = 

The Ultimate Boating Experience

A simple equation.  And we've been delivering the answer of "The Ultimate Boating Experience" to our Caribee customers for over 70 years.

Best Boats.  We've carefully selected boat manufacturers with stellar reputations that design and deliver the highest quality boats, with models that are especially suited for our diverse waters here in the Florida Keys.  Whether you are looking for offshore performance and fishability, or versatility with comfort features for cruising and relaxing at the sand bar, or the ability to plane in shallow water coupled with the speed to navigate the backcountry . . . Caribee has the right boat for you!

Best People.  We are a team of professionals, friendly and knowledgeable, committed to integrity and doing the right thing for you.  We are trusted to help you with the big decision of finding the right boat that meets your needs and accomplishes your vision of spending precious time with family and friends on our waters.  We are raving fans of the boats we sell, and of the special place that we live and work and call "home".

Best Service.  We are good listeners with the genuine desire to help you . . . from gaining an understanding of your vision of boating here in the Keys, to helping you get the specific model and features you desire at a fair price.  We'll track down the right part or accessory for your boat and we'll work hard to find the right solution or repair to keep you out there on the water, confident in the quality and reliability of your boat and motor.

Your "Ultimate Boating Experience" is waiting.

Let's get you out on the water . . . chasing adventure, finding peace, and making joy-filled memories here in paradise.

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